The Power of a Moment

Wendy (Byrnes) Baker and Karen Korellis Reuther believe the world is missing out on the true impact of women due to barriers that block them from initiating much-needed change.

The two women are pushing past their own barriers and sharing a new idea during their joint keynote presentation at Purdue Women’s Conference 2023, which includes two days of sessions focused on personal and professional development. At first mention, that might not seem like much of a bold move. After all, conferences are places to share ideas. But the Purdue alumnae have an idea that still needs nurturing.

Baker and Korellis Reuther are collecting women’s stories for a book that will explain why building lasting change requires a disruption of the status quo—but their pages are far from the publisher’s desk. They are eager to get feedback from attendees, which is a testament to the supportive community of Purdue women at the conference.