Automotive Safety

Inclusion by Design @ Harvard GRID – Automotive Safety.

“Shrink it and pink it” is a common phrase used in the product creation world for designing products for women. Women are too often left no choice than to use products that were designed for men, just scaled down and colored pink. In the best case it can be insulting, in the worst case it can be deadly. Not accommodating the female body in the design of products can lead to a world that is less hospitable and more dangerous for women.

The discussion featured case examples of gender bias in the design of everyday products and how to bring inclusive design into our innovative work at Harvard. We were joined by Barney Loehnis, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Humanetics, a technology company working to avoid human injury and saving lives in automotive and beyond. Karen Korellis Reuther, a 2022 Harvard ALI Senior Fellow and former creative executive at NIKE and Reebok, currently teaching in the MDE Program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, led the discussion.

Location: Harvard GRIDThe Node, Science and Engineering Complex, 150 Western Ave, Boston, MA 02134, USA