Harvard Social Impact Review

“SHRINK IT AND PINK IT” is a common phrase used in the product creation world for designing products for women. Women are too often left no choice than to use products that were designed by men for men, just scaled down and colored pink, or some stereotypical feminine color. In the best case it can be insulting, in the worst case it can be deadly.

Women are 73% more likely to be injured in a car crash than men.

In the military, women suffer pelvic fractures at a much higher rate than their male counterparts.

All a result of using products where the female population is an afterthought, if any thought at all. The female body is often invisible. Not accommodating it in the design of products has led to a world that is less hospitable and more dangerous for women. A world designed by men for men isn’t just a matter of style, or an issue of preference for women — we are excluding half of humanity for so many of the products being created. We need to fix that.

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